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RGB ICC Profiling

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Our RGB profiling service is what 99% of our customers need. If you have an aqueous wide-format or even a desktop inkjet printer and you are not using a RIP. Then you will want a RGB profile for your workflow. We have various targets for different equipment and software. breakdown the targets for you.

What is the difference in the targets listed?

RGB_6000_i1_Profiler_iSisXL- This means it will be an RGB profile and we use 6,000 color patches, software used is X-Rite i1 Profiler, Spectrophotometer used is the X-Rite iSis XL.

Inside the packet we offer the targets in 8.5"x11" & 11"x17", you choose which size you wish to print on.

Which one should I choose?

The higher number of patches will often yield a better ICC profile, but it requires more printing. If your not sure please inquire before purchasing.

I'm lost please help?

Please either inquire with us or go to our main website www.booksmartstudio.com where we have many tutorials. Please remember if you need guidance please inquire on the Contact Us page.

Which target should I choose? 

85% of our customers use the RGB 6000, i1 Profiler, iSis Xl targets. It yields a very accurate profile that is great for standard substrates. For rigid substrates like metal, wood, or very thin materials like Japanese tissue papers, we recommend the RG 1728 Spectrolino targets.

What is a standard substrate?

Cotton, Baryta, Alpha-Cellulose, RC papers & Canvas



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